Why Should Brands Give Student Discounts in India 2024?

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Why Should Brands Give Student Discounts in India 2024?

Why Should Brands Give Student Discounts in India 2024

Student life can be financially challenging, with the rising cost of education, books, and living expenses. As a result, students are always on the lookout for ways to save money. Brands that offer student discounts tap into this consumer segment, gaining their loyalty and establishing a positive reputation.

Why do companies offer student discounts?

Companies offer student discounts for various reasons, including:

Building brand loyalty: By offering student discounts, brands can attract a new demographic and establish a relationship with them early on. This can lead to long-term brand loyalty, as students become familiar with and trust the brand.

Increasing customer acquisition: Student discounts can act as a powerful incentive for students to try new products or services. This can lead to an increase in customer acquisition, as students are more likely to try a brand that offers them a discount.

Creating positive brand perception: Brands that offer student discounts are seen as more caring and considerate. This creates a positive perception among students and the wider community. Students are more likely to recommend a brand that offers them discounts to their friends and family, further expanding the brand’s reach.

Encouraging future purchasing: When students experience positive interactions with a brand during their student years, they are more likely to become repeat customers in the future. By offering student discounts, brands can plant the seed for future purchases and customer loyalty.

What are the reasons why students get discounts?

What are the reasons why students get discounts
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Students are often offered exclusive discounts due to the following factors:

Financial limitations: Many students face financial constraints during their academic years. Offering discounts acknowledges this and provides them with an opportunity to save money on their purchases.

Creating brand advocates: Brands understand that students are influential and have the potential to become brand advocates. By offering discounts, brands can engage with students and turn them into loyal advocates who will spread positive word-of-mouth about the brand.

Building relationships with future professionals: By supporting students with discounts, brands can establish relationships with the future workforce. These students will eventually graduate and enter the workforce, where their positive experiences with the brand can translate into business partnerships or employment opportunities.

Driving footfall to physical stores: Many student discounts apply to both online and offline purchases. By offering in-store discounts, brands can drive footfall to their physical stores, increasing visibility and potentially leading to additional sales.

Are student discounts legit? Impact of Student Discounts

At first glance, student discounts may seem too good to be true. However, they are legitimate and are offered by various brands across various industries. Student discounts are a way for brands to show support for the student community and provide them with financial relief. These discounts are typically available to students who can provide valid proof of their educational enrollment. From clothing and electronics to food and entertainment, countless brands offer exclusive discounts to students.

By offering student discounts, brands can:

1. Deepen brand connections with students: When brands offer discounts to students, it shows that they understand and empathize with the financial challenges faced by this demographic. This creates a positive perception of the brand, fostering a deeper connection with the student community.

2. Capture the attention of the Gen Z audience: Gen Z, the generation born between the late 1990s and early 2010s, is a key demographic for brands to target. By offering student discounts, brands can capture the attention and wallets of the Gen Z audience, establishing themselves as relevant and attractive.

3. Drive footfall to physical stores: In an era dominated by online shopping, offering student discounts can be a compelling reason for students to visit physical stores. This not only boosts footfall but also provides an opportunity for brands to create memorable in-store experiences that strengthen their brand image.

4. Encourage trial and adoption: Student discounts encourage students to try out new products and services at a reduced cost. This creates opportunities for brands to showcase the quality and value of their offerings, leading to potential long-term adoption among students and beyond.

5. Promote positive brand image and corporate responsibility: Brands that offer student discounts are viewed as socially responsible and caring. This positive brand image can enhance brand reputation and attract customers who value supporting brands that prioritize the well-being of students.

Which brands give student discounts?

Numerous brands in India have already recognized the importance of catering to the student market and have implemented successful student discount programs. These are some Student Offers In India. Let’s explore a few notable examples:

HP Student Discount on Laptops

HP Student Discount on Laptops
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As a student, having a reliable laptop is essential. HP, one of the leading computer brands, understands the needs of students and offers a special discount for them. Whether you need a laptop for studying, research, or even gaming, HP has got you covered.

With their student discount program, you can get significant savings on selected laptops. This allows you to enjoy top-notch technology without breaking the bank. So, why wait? Check out HP’s student discount and find the perfect laptop for all your educational needs.

Lufthansa Student Offer

Lufthansa Student Offer
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Are you planning to travel abroad for an educational exchange program or a well-deserved vacation? Lufthansa, one of the world’s largest airlines, offers exclusive student deals. With their student offer, you can enjoy discounted flights to various destinations.

Whether you’re heading to Europe, Asia, or any other part of the world, Lufthansa’s student discounts make Student Discounts India traveling more affordable for students. Don’t miss out on exploring new horizons. Fly with Lufthansa and make the most out of your student adventures.

If you’re seeking the best corporate discounts and deals in India, Thrillh is your go-to destination. Let us assist you in accessing the most attractive corporate coupons and offers to maximize your savings and benefits.

SpiceJet Student Discount

SpiceJet Student Discount
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If you’re a student in India and love exploring the vibrant corners of your country, SpiceJet has something special for you. SpiceJet, a popular Indian airline, offers a fantastic student discount. This discount allows students to save on flight tickets and make their travel dreams a reality.

Whether you want to visit the serene beaches of Goa or explore the majestic mountains of the Himalayas, SpiceJet’s student discount makes travel more accessible for students. Pack your bags and get ready to explore the incredible diversity of India.

YouTube Music Student Discount

YouTube Music Student Discount
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Do you enjoy listening to music while studying or taking a break? YouTube Music, one of the leading music streaming platforms, understands the importance of music in a student’s life. It offers a special student discount program, allowing you to access all the perks of YouTube Music at a reduced price.

With the student discount, you can enjoy ad-free music, offline listening, and access to a vast library of songs and music videos. So, don’t let your study sessions be dull. Groove to your favorite tunes with YouTube Music’s student discount.

Spotify Music Student Discount

Spotify Music Student Discount
Image Courtesy – Spotify

Spotify, another popular music streaming service, also has a special offer for students. With their student discount program, you can enjoy all the great features of Spotify Premium at a discounted price. Whether you want to discover new artists, create playlists, or listen to podcasts, Spotify has it all. Do not let financial constraints stop you from enjoying uninterrupted music. Grab Spotify’s student discount and enjoy the rhythm of life without any interruptions.

How Thrillh will help brands with student discounts?

Thrillh, a leading marketing platform, aims to bridge the gap between brands and students by facilitating the implementation of student discounts. By partnering with Thrillh, brands can reach a larger audience of students looking for discounts and deals. 

How to Partner With Thrillh?

How to Partner With Thrillh?

Targeted marketing campaigns

Through a variety of targeted marketing campaigns, Thrillh can help brands reach their desired audience and create awareness about their student discount offers. This ensures that the right message is reaching the right people at the right time.

Customizable discount programs

Brands can work with Thrillh to create tailored student discount programs that align with their business objectives and target market. Whether it is a percentage off, buy-one-get-one-free, or exclusive rewards, Thrillh can help brands design the perfect discount program to attract and retain student customers.

Seamless integration with brand identity

One of the key aspects of successful student discount programs is seamless integration with the brand’s identity. Thrillh recognizes the importance of maintaining brand consistency and ensures that the discount programs they implement align with the brand’s values and overall marketing strategy. 


  1. What offers student discounts in India?

    Many businesses offer student discounts in India, including retail stores, restaurants, online platforms, entertainment venues, and transportation services.

  2. What are some brands that offer student discounts?

    Several well-known brands in India offer student discounts, such as Amazon, Flipkart, McDonald’s, Domino, BookMyShow, and Uber, to name a few.

  3. Why do student discounts exist?

    Student discounts exist to support and encourage students. They provide financial relief, help to build brand loyalty, and attract a large consumer base.

  4. What are the benefits of being a student?

    Being a student comes with its benefits. Aside from acquiring knowledge and skills, students have purchased power and the ability to influence the buying decisions of their peers and families.

  5. Do any stores give student discounts?

    Yes, many stores recognize the purchasing power of students and offer exclusive discounts to attract this consumer segment.

  6. How come businesses do not give student discounts anymore?

    While some businesses may choose not to offer student discounts, it is more common for brands to acknowledge the value of this consumer segment and introduce discounts to enhance their marketing strategies.

  7. Why do stores give discounts?

    Stores give discounts to attract customers, create brand loyalty, increase footfall, and ultimately generate higher sales revenue.

  8. What phone companies give student discounts?

    Phone companies like Airtel, Jio, and Vodafone offer student discounts on mobile plans and devices, recognizing the importance of students as potential long-term customers.

  9. What is the industry that provides Student Offers In India?

    These are some of the student benefits in India that companies are providing
    YouTube Music
    Spotify Music

  10. What are the Brands That Offer Student discounts in India?

    Forestland Skincare and Perfumes
    Fresh Meadows Organics
    Duchess of Delhi
    Srilankan Airlines
    Wet N Joy
    Kotak Mahindra BANK
    HDFC Bank
    Bank Bazaar
    Air France
    Wild Waters
    Microsoft Office 365
    Indian Oil
    Indian Bank
    NATURE Path
    Millet Mantra


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